Data Science as a Service


Business Challenge

  • Difficult to transform existing BI/ DW team with statistics and analytical skills. Most organizations might not have enough work to engage a data scientist for 40 hours/ week
  • Lack of in-house expertise in crafting data science/ predictive analytics use cases that could give maximum value based on the organizational data
  • To hire a Data Scientist is expensive for SMB segment

Jade Approach

  • Repeatable engagement framework that helps simplify analytics deployment
  • Data collection and exploratory data analysis methodology that is accessible to non-technical business users
  • Variety of algorithmic and machine learning models to analyze data patterns and translate into business solutions
  • Impactful visualization to effectively communicate insight and capitalize through process adoption

Business Benefits

  • Helping an organization move from traditional BI/DW to Big Data/ Data Science
  • Democratizing access to data for deriving business insights