Predictive Maintenance Solution

Unscheduled maintenance and downtime are critical issues that cost millions of dollars every hour to your organization. This may lead to missing your product delivery deadlines of your clients, and losing your credibility and scope of future business ventures. To avoid delay and any such losses, organizations follow preventive maintenance approach that prevents only upto 50% of unscheduled maintenance whereas Predictive Maintenance could help prevent up to 90% of unscheduled maintenance.

Jade Solution

Jade’s Predictive Maintenance solution helps you combat unscheduled maintenance by:

  • Predicting an impending equipment failure
  • Achieving optimal equipment efficiency and availability
  • Detecting warranty issue before it occurs

Jade Global Predictive
Analytics Approach

Jade used statistical algorithms (Survival Analysis) and built models to achieve desired business outcomes. The solution predicts the time to failure and buckets them under different ‘required maintenance’ categories. The maintenance buckets are classified into four categories: Running Smoothly, Need Maintenance, Critical Stage and Highly Critical Stage.


Predictive Maintenance Solution


Business Benefits

Jade Global Predictive Maintenance solution gives you a much needed heads-up and prevents any kind of unscheduled breakdown of your
system by:

  • Preventing 90% of the unscheduled maintenance
  • Improving quality and reduce failures and outages
  • Uncovering in-depth root cause analysis of failures
  • Reducing inventory costs of spare parts by optimizing inventory levels
  • Increasing cash flow by reducing working capital invested in spare parts inventory
  • Improving customer service levels with better spare parts availability