Analytic Services

BI & Analytics

  • Migrating traditional BI & Analytics applications onto modern BI platform
  • Developing Functional Analytics (e.g.)
    • Brand Value Standing
    • Influencer Scoring and Sentiment Analytics
    • Product / Service Affinity
    • Behavioral Analytics
  • Integrating actionable insights into business processes

Predictive Analytics/ Data Science

  • Developing Predictive Models for forecasting
  • Identifying internal/ external data sets to derive maximum business value
  • Deploying optimal mathematical and statistical models
  • Managing models for continuous learning and improvements
  • Providing Data Science as a Service
  • Developing Predictive Solutions:
    • Predictive Maintenance
    • Demand Forecasting
    • Customer Churn

Visualization, Self Service & Data Discovery

  • Developing rich and intuitive visualizations
  • Enabling data discovery for exploratory analytics
  • Transition from managed reports to self service
  • Data Access strategy for the enterprise